Bite-sized project: Get a grill upgrade.

In Florida, it’s pretty much mandatory that you have access to a good grill. That’s why we’ve made it easy to compare all the best brands and fuel types.

So really, the way to do this project is simply come on by the store and have a stroll through our grill department.

You’ll see everything from charcoal to gas, and brands like Weber, Traeger and Char-Broil.

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Bite-sized project: De-bug your outdoors.

Here are some easy tips to keep the bugs from spoiling your good times.

  1. Check your property for any standing water. Mosquitoes only need a capful of water in order to breed.
  2. Stock up on the bug killer of your choice. We have quite the collection.
  3. Look into getting a screened gazebo.
  4. On the subject of screens, bring any broken screens into our Workbench and we’ll make them bug-tight again.

Bite-sized project: Lawn the easy way.

The good news for lawn-care in Florida is that sometimes, the less work you do the better. For example, let your lawn grow to a few inches long, so it shades itself and has a chance to grow a strong root system.

And let your grass tell you when it’s thirsty. Why bother watering when it isn’t necessary?

Lastly, if you feel like lifting more than a finger, come in to Orchard and enjoy our selection of mowers and sprinkler systems.

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Fun. The last thing you thought you’d find in a hardware store.

Hello Florida. We’re on a mission to make DIY more doable, and the living way easier. Imagine everything you’d find in a big box store, only not as big and boxy, a whole lot more enjoyable, and with some sweet surprises thrown in. That’s us, and we can’t wait to meet you.

OSH Florida
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