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Raindrip 5/8 Inch Clamp and Pierce Conversion Kit




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The Raindrip Clamp-N-Pierce Conversion Kit is designed to convert existing sprinkler risers to drip irrigation while allowing for a custom layout. Screw the Pre-Assembled dripperline onto a sprinkler riser then layout the hose where needed. Attach the Pre-Assembled Clamp-N-Pierce along the hose where needed for a custom layout. Place the bubblers near the individual plants and adjust the bubblers to the desired water flow according to need of the plant. Use the stakes to keep the hose securely in place. Installs quickly without the need for tools. The swivel elbow and dripline are pre-assembeled so there's no need for piecing these parts together.


  • Convert one sprayhead to 4 precision watering adjustable bubbler emitters - also pre-assembled on the stake
  • The elbow, endcap, and dripline are pre-assembeled and the Clamp-N-Pierce, tubing, bubbler and stakes are also pre- assembled so there's no need for piecing any of these parts together significantly cutting down the installation time.
  • Ideal solution to water all types of plants
  • Contains a cut-off riser, 25 feet of pre-assembled dripline, 4 Pre-assembled Clamp-N-Pierce full circle bubbler assemblies, 4 wire stakes, and a filter washer
  • Adjustable bubblers allow you to adjust water as plants grow
  • Raindrip products are made from quality material for installations expected to perform year-round, year after year
  • Drip irrigation systems can save up to 70% in water savings which calculates into money in your pocket.
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