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Craftsman Assurelink Belt Drive Garage Door Opener




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The Assurelink Garage Door system delivers quality control and peace of mind in an innovative package. If you’ve ever hustled out of the house not certain whether or not you closed the garage door, wanted the garage door to open as you pull in the drive or needed the assurance, that no matter what, you’re garage will be safe, secure and accessible to only you, this is the system you want. Featuring an advanced tri frequency remote control this garage door opener, not only delivers an extended range, but cuts down on interference so even when you’re a block away, your garage will be ready to open at the touch of a button.


  • Can set your door to close automatically after you exit
  • Assurelink allows you to monitor and activate your garage door from the web
  • Provides smooth, ultra quiet operation of the opener. Ideal for garages with living areas nearby.
  • The belt is steel reinforced and manufactured like a steel belted tire with braided steel cables to insure years of dependable, quiet performance
  • Allows for easy programming of remotes, keypads, and light and lock setting through an easy menu system
  • Safety reversing sensors with Rapid-Snap® brackets project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverses the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down
  • Sensing technology will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object
  • Theft protection system securely locks door when it is down preventing intruders from entering garage
  • Assures that a new code is sent every time the remote control is used
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