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Start Your Engines! Fuel System Revitalizer, 2 Fluid Ounces




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Gold Eagle's 'Start Your Engine' Fuel System Revitalizer is designed to ensure easy starting of outdoor power equipment, smooth rough idling and stalling, and helps remove gum and varnish from throttle plate and carburetor. One 2 ounce container will treat up to 1 gallon of fuel and will revitalize old fuel.
Usage directions:
Remove engine fuel cap. Insure that tank will not overflow with the addition of Start Your Engines! If the tank is too full, safely remove and responsibly dispose of enough fuel to allow the addition of 1 full can of Start Your Engines! Add 1/2 of the Start Your Engines! can. Fill tank with fresh fuel leaving enough room to add the remaining 1/2 bottle of Start Your Engines! if needed. Replace engine fuel cap. Tightly recap fuel additive and move Start Your Engines! and any fuel cans at least 20 feet from the engine and any other ignition source. If engine is so equipped, press the primer/purge bulb 5-10 times. Wait 2 minutes and attempt to start the engine p


  • Revitalizes fuel systems and freshens stale gas
  • Ensures quick starting coming out of storage and throughout the season
  • For use in all small 2 and 4 cycle engines
  • Easy to use, just add to the unit's fuel tank
  • Smoothes out rough idle and helps eliminate warm stalling
  • Ensures easy starting of outdoor power equipment
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