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Bussmann BP/T-8 8 Amp Type T Time-Delay Dual-Element Edison Base Plug Fuse 125V Ul Listed Carded




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Heavy-duty type t fuses for critical circuit protection. Used for air conditioners, furnace blower Motors, swimming pool pumps, deep freezers or any circuit where Motors frequently turn on and off. Use for all commercial applications. The type t plug fuse is an industrial strength product. It provides superior protection, yet will not open under repeated motor startups. Available in a wide amp range to permit exact sizing for motor protection. These fuses thread into fuse receptacles. Two types of threaded fuses are available: Edison base (brass threads) and rejection base (porcelain threads). the two are not interchangeable. Two categories of plug fuses are available. The medium-duty fuses (tl or SL) have a time-delay feature for use on motor circuits. The heavy-duty fuses (t or s) are industrial strength products featuring the exclusive Cooper Bussmann dual-element construction. This spring loaded design provides superior short-circuit and overload protection.


  • Heavy duty time-delay Plug fuse
  • Use to protect critical motor circuits or motors that cycle on/off frequently
  • Edison base size
  • More time-delay than the Medium duty Type TL fuses in order to better protect industrial motors and critical residential circuits
  • Quantity per card: 1
  • Sku Number


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